Landing on the Moon - Landing Site Updates

Location, Location, Location!

Landing on the Moon with a robotic rover is an exciting technical challenge. When choosing a lunar landing site we need to consider the terrain, lighting conditions, temperature ranges, and the commercial value to the mission. The Rocket City Space Pioneers have reviewed several moon landing sites and adjusted our plans as requirements changed or new opportunities presented themselves. Since this will be our first landing on the Moon we want to be sure to pick a great location.

February 2011 - Apollo 12 landing Site
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Lunar Landing Site Apollo 12

November 2010 - Surveyor 7 landing Site
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Lunar Landing Site Surveyor 7 With mounting interest by Google competitors in our rideshare program, we reevaluated our lander site in order to better target the planned/traditional landing zones for our potential clients.

Many of the traditional missions to the moon have occurred along the equatorial regions. After careful review, we concluded that we can better serve this initial market by revising our landing site based on customer needs.

We are a relatively new Google team and have been studying our options and recently decided to change our mission profile to satisfy mission market demands. We ran some trades/analysis and made the decision to land at the rim of the Tycho crater, the site where Surveyor 7 landed in January 1968. We plan to also win bonus prize money by capturing images of Surveyor 7.


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