See My House from Space

Thanks to modern satellites and the Internet, it is now possible to see your house from space. Not only will you be able to view where you live, you can also learn a lot about your neighborhood and local community in the process.

Google has two ways to see your house from space. Google Maps is available online at You just need to type in your address, city and state and click the search button. An aerial view of your house will appear. You can use the navigational button to zoom in and out and to explore the local area.

Google Maps provides more than just an overhead view of your house. You can also activate features that allow you to see photos and videos taken in your town, map out bike paths, view local weather, and obtain other information about the area you live in.

Google Earth ( is a much more sophisticated version of Google Maps that you can download for use on your computer. It has a slew of features that you can explore, including street level views, 3-D buildings, historical information, and much more. It’s definitely worth having if your computer has the memory to run it. And it’s free.

Bing Maps ( is brought to you by the good people at Microsoft. It is similar to Google Maps, with many features that allow you to view photos, local information, 3-D graphics and more.

Yahoo also has a similar mapping program (, although it is less sophisticated than Bing Maps and Google’s offerings. It allows you to view your house and the surrounding area using satellite images, roadmaps and a hybrid of satellite and roadmap features. You can also search for local businesses near where you live.

Flash Earth ( has maps from various sources, including Bing and Yahoo. You will be able to see your house from space using Flash Earth, but the site doesn’t have much in terms of additional features, so it is not as much fun as Google Maps or Google Earth.

TerraServer ( is another service you can use to view your house from space. However, this website is primarily designed for professionals who wish to purchase high-resolution satellite images.

The United States Geological Survey also has a wealth of valuable satellite images at The coolest part is that the government has historical maps so you can see what your house – or the land it is on – looked like decades ago.

Whatever option you choose, enjoy seeing your house from space.

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